Study Guide

Carrie The Supernatural

By Stephen King

The Supernatural

Objects don't just float on their own. If they did, we'd have a much easier time winning at Jenga and putting IKEA furniture together. So we think Carrie's lucky to have the telekinetic powers she has. But we're not sure if her powers outweigh the constant bullying and the crazy-religious abusive mother. And besides, why can't Carrie use her powers for good instead of evil…? (Like putting our IKEA furniture together. Really. Sorry, we're kind of stuck on this point.) This is a central question of a lot of books that deal in the supernatural. What do you think, Shmoopers: can people have great power(s) and still be good people? Or does a lot of power turn everyone evil in the long run?

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. What does Carrie do to better understand and strengthen her powers?
  2. How did Carrie inherit her powers?
  3. Do Carrie's powers make her inherently dangerous?
  4. How do other people try to understand Carrie's powers? Do they actually want to understand them, or do they mostly just want to stop or control them?

Chew on This

Carrie's powers are a blend of religion and science that cannot be adequately explained by either.

Most of the analytic texts sprinkled throughout Carrie are trying to make sense of telekinesis. But they focus more on the power itself than on the people who have it... which might be missing the point of Carrie's story.

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