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Catch-22 Chapter 14

By Joseph Heller

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Chapter 14

  • During the mission to Bologna, Kid Sampson insists to Yossarian that everything is all right aboard their plane. Yossarian pretends he can't hear Kid Sampson and thus that there must be something wrong. He orders his plane to turn back.
  • Everyone celebrates because they aren't going to die in Bologna.
  • However, the mood back at base is a sober one. One of the administrators tries to question Yossarian about turning back, but Yossarian ignores him.
  • Yossarian goes out on the beach alone and hallucinates that the mushrooms in the woods are severed limbs. It sounds like he's been traumatized.
  • He falls asleep on the beach and wakes up to see American planes flying in safely from Bologna.
  • As hyped as it was, Bologna turns out to be not that bad.

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