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Catch-22 Chapter 33

By Joseph Heller

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Chapter 33

  • Once in Rome, Yossarian misses Nurse Duckett so terribly that he goes looking for Luciana.
  • Instead, he finds his friends – Aarfy, Dunbar, Nately, and Dobbs. All of them – except Aarfy (who's too selfish and lazy) – go off to rescue Nately's prostitute from some military big shots that are holding her hostage until she says "uncle."
  • The high-ranking officers are frustrated that they can get Nately's prostitute to say "uncle," but not want to say it or care what it means.
  • The American friends tear apart the hotel where the officers are holding the prostitute hostage. They throw out the big shots' uniforms so that they can't prove they're military personnel. Surprisingly clever.
  • The big shots then gladly let the prostitute go because she makes them feel insecure. Keep that in mind in case you're ever held hostage.
  • Yossarian jokes with the officers, offering to do favors for them. One of the idiot officers falls for it, much to Yossarian's amusement.
  • "Nately's whore" has fallen asleep in his arms as he carries her back to the hotel and lets her sleep for eighteen hours straight. When she wakes up, she is deeply in love with Nately. That's what eighteen hours of sleep will do to you. He is ecstatic.
  • Just as he is about to announce their relationship to his friends, Nately realizes his prostitute isn't dressed. So he slams the door shut on his peeping friends and tells her to get dressed.
  • She asks him why repeatedly and refuses to do it. Nately is enraged and tells her she will do whatever he tells her to do because he's a man. She calls him crazy and is echoed annoyingly by her kid sister.
  • Nately goes on a crusade in an attempt to get his prostitute back. He tries to convince her to stop whoring herself. He tries to tell his friends to stop sleeping with prostitutes.
  • His friends think he has gone mad.
  • The sketchy old man is amused watching and arguing with Nately.

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