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Catch-22 Chapter 35

By Joseph Heller

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Chapter 35

  • Chief White Halfoat dies of pneumonia. Captain Flume is happy. We thought this seemed eerie and prophetic until we remembered that yes, indeed, we did hear Flume prophesize this earlier.
  • Nately decides he doesn't want to go home even after finishing all seventy missions because he wants to wait until he can take his prostitute/girlfriend home with him. He wants to fly more missions.
  • Yossarian begs him to reconsider or at least not do anything about it until he talks to someone.
  • Milo has been busy making profits for the syndicate. But he realizes that that has interfered with his duty of flying combat missions. He sees Colonel Cathcart about flying more.
  • Cathcart is amazed that Milo wants to fly more missions. We find out that Milo has only flown six missions.
  • Cathcart tries to dissuade him. Milo is staunch.
  • So Cathcart reluctantly agrees. Milo says this means that someone will have to run the syndicate for him. Cathcart greedily volunteers himself and Korn and asks Milo what operations are currently running.
  • Milo gives him a long and complex list so that Cathcart eventually dumps the idea and begs Milo to come back. He forbids Milo from flying any more combat missions.
  • Are we the only ones that see through this?
  • But Milo hates that the men fly the missions and get all the glory. So Cathcart arranges it so that the other men will fly Milo's remaining sixty-four missions while Milo gets the credit.
  • And they both decide to raise the number of missions.
  • Although Milo makes a brief attempt to intervene for his friend Yossarian, he realizes that it would not be fair for the other men if Yossarian got special treatment.
  • The announcement is made immediately. The men leave before breakfast the next morning to brief for their new missions.
  • The mission proves so dangerous that Havermeyer resorts to evasive action. Dobbs and Nately are killed.

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