Study Guide

Catching Fire Appearances

By Suzanne Collins


The Games make celebrities of the tributes and fetishize them. That means they have to look their "best," which in Katniss' case means looking like anybody but herself. This was particularly true in the previous book, where she had to look pretty and innocent. In Catching Fire, she has to wear a wedding dress that's not to her taste, for a fake wedding that never even happens. But her stylist, Cinna, understands who she really is and can translate that into a dramatic appearance – bringing some of what's inside to the outside. When Katniss is left to her own devices, she doesn't worry about wearing makeup or looking pretty. She focuses on the things that are really important, like staying alive.

Questions About Appearances

  1. How much do good looks matter in the world of Panem? What about in the arena?
  2. How does the popular saying "looks can be deceiving" apply in the world of Catching Fire?
  3. How much of Katniss and Peeta's relationship is for show, and how much of it is for real?
  4. Why is Cinna's transformation of Katniss' wedding dress such a big deal?