Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 104

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 104


  • Mona makes no time for John, but she does play the hostess well.
  • Future John can't come to a consensus on her. Was she a sublime woman or a cold fish? If he goes by Bokononist standards, he has to land on the side of sublime.
  • Anyway, the talk with Philip continues.
  • Castle lets on that he's already had a decent conversation with Crosby, who did not recognize him in a suit and necktie.
  • At the mention of Crosby, John suddenly realizes he wants a bicycle factory on his island and asks Philip if he thinks the San Lorenzans would take to industrialization.
  • Nah, Philip replies. All the San Lorenzans want to do is fish, have sex, and do Bokononism stuff.
  • The only form of progress that ever excited them was the electric guitar, and that's probably only thanks to Jimi.
  • John excuses himself and joins the Crosbys who are talking with Frank about Bokonon.
  • The Crosbys are flabbergasted that Bokonon is against science. Hazel mentions how she and her mother would be dead if not for penicillin. Mr. Crosby would be pushing up the daisies as well if not for sulfathiazole.
  • John takes a cube of albatross from a tray.