Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 105

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 105


  • The albatross does not agree with John's stomach. Perhaps an acetone rum system flush would do the trick?
  • Instead of taking our advice, John searches for a bathroom and finds one next to "Papa's" suite.
  • As he's exiting the bathroom, Dr. Koenigswald catches him and demands to know what was hanging from "Papa's" neck.
  • John has no idea what the doctor is talking about but suggests cyanide. He's seen the same spy movies we have it seems.
  • Dr. Koenigswald finds it highly suspect that cyanide would turn a man into cement.
  • That does it. John has to check this out now.
  • Sure enough, "Papa" Monzano is in his bed, hard and rigid as a statue. He even makes a sound like a marimba when tapped with an oar.
  • Future John makes a side note here. "Papa" Monzano was the first in a long list of people to have died of ice-nine.