Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 115

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 115

As It Happened

  • Time for a climax.
  • One of the planes begins to smoke, but everyone assumes it's part of the show. Oh how wrong they are.
  • Seeing Crosby munching on some albatross, John's nausea forces him to move away from the others. From his new vantage point, he watches as the smoky plane catches fire and dives out of sight.
  • An explosion follows as the plane hits the cliffs below the castle.
  • This causes a rockslide, which in turn causes one of the castle's towers to crumble into the sea.
  • The people on the platform are quite astonished to see nothing where a castle tower once stood.
  • Another loud noise and the platform snaps in half. Those on the half where John had been standing are about to tumble off the cliff and into the ocean.
  • Everyone leaps over the crack except Mona, who crosses it with a simple step. The Crosbys and the Mintons remain trapped though.
  • Philip and John reach out and pull the Crosbys to safety. They extend their arms for the Mintons but the "doomed crescent of castle" falls into the ocean, taking the dignified couple with it.
  • At least the Mintons have time to wave before they fall to their deaths.

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