Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 121

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 121

I Am Slow to Answer

  • John looks for Bokonon, but the holy man isn't there.
  • Mona says Bokonon would never take his own advice because he knew it to be worthless, so he probably isn't among the dead.
  • John gets angry at the man for advising the San Lorenzans to kill themselves, but Mona just laughs—which isn't exactly the proper response to thousands of dead people, now is it?
  • She scoops up a handful of ice-nine, saying the answer is so simple. She asks John if he would wish any of the San Lorenzans back to life. When he isn't quick enough with his answer, she kills herself.
  • The Crosbys and Newt find John stumbling down the road. They coax him into San Lorenzo's one and only taxi cab. He can't remember if he cried or not, but they say he did.