Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 124

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 124

Frank's Ant Farm

  • As Hazel finishes her flag, she forms the idea that John should plant the thing on Mount McCabe.
  • To get out of discussing the matter, John goes to talk with Frank.
  • Frank has taken to studying an ant farm.
  • Seems the ants survived the ice-nine apocalypse by curling up into big ant balls around ice-nine and melting it into water. What about all those ants that died in the ball? They're still fresh enough to eat, of course. Yay, survival.
  • John tries to talk to Frank, but Frank gives him a lecture on what people can learn from the ants. Cooperation is tops on that list.
  • Frank also wants to know who taught the ants to make water. John gives him a silly answer, but Frank says he's done with silly answers.
  • He's grown up a lot since the end of the world.
  • John points out that the death of the human race sure has done wonders for Frank's social problems.
  • Frank continues to question who taught the ants to make water. John decides he'd rather talk with Newt.

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