Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 127

By Kurt Vonnegut

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Chapter 127

The End

  • John approaches the holy man and asks him what he's thinking.
  • Bokonon says he's thinking about the final sentence of The Book of Bokonon. Yeah, with the whole end of the world thing, Bokonon decides it's about time to wrap things up.
  • John asks if he's having any luck, and Bokonon hands him a piece of paper.
  • It says that if Bokonon were a younger man he'd write a book on the history of human stupidity. Presumably, he'd have to be younger because that book would make Ulysses look like a short story.
  • Then Bokonon would climb Mount McCabe. Using his history as a pillow, he would lie down, eat some ice-nine, and die "thumbing his nose at You Know Who" (127.9).
  • Whew. We made it to the end of the world and beyond. The end.

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