Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 14

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 14

When Automobiles Had Cut-Glass Vases

  • John's drive of misery and suffering continues.
  • Dr. Breed entertains his guest with another tale, this time about Dr. Hoenikker.
  • Once, during the morning traffic spell, Dr. Hoenikker just left his car and walked to work.
  • The police impounded the vehicle and called Dr. Hoenikker up to tell him where to get it. Hoenikker expressed no interest in the car, so his wife, Emily, went to pick it up instead.
  • John asks if he can use the story in his book. Breed says he doubts anyone would mind so long as the ending is left out.
  • That tragic ending is that Emily got in a car accident on the way home. The accident messed up her pelvis, and the injury caused her death later in life when she was giving birth to Newt.
  • Moral of the story: never abandon your cars. (We think.)

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