Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 35

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 35

Hobby Shop

  • On his way back to the hotel, John spies Jack's Hobby Shop. Since it was Frank Hoenikker's old haunt, he decides to check it out.
  • Inside is a guy named Jack and various hobbies one could take up. Go figure.
  • Jack tells John how kind Frank was as a boy. Really? The kid shaking bugs in a jar, Frank Hoenikker? Really?
  • Jack takes John into the basement to "show [him] what kind of a boy Franklin Hoenikker was" (35.3).
  • Down there is a model country, intricately detailed and expansive. Seems Secret Agent X-9 spent his free time down there working on this model. It's so detailed the door handles even work.
  • Jack considers his hobby shop Frank's real home. Okay, we're going to put our cynicism aside for a second and say that that's actually pretty sweet.
  • John mentions how talented Frank was and Jack is hit by a coughing fit when he tries to agree passionately.
  • Jack wishes he could have given Frank the money to go to engineering school. Instead, Frank went to Florida and was killed by gangsters.
  • Jack cries, wondering if those gangsters "have any idea what it was they killed" (35.36).

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