Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 57

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 57

The Queasy Dream

  • And McCabe and Bokonon were just the last in a long, long, long line of colonizers that came to the island.
  • Hernando Cortes first conquered the island for Spain and Charles V in 1519.
  • They found nothing of value other than a few natives to burn for heresy and giggles. Awesome.
  • After the Spanish, San Lorenzo was taken over by—deep breath—the French, the Dutch, the Danes, the English, and some freed slaves.
  • The last group formed an empire underneath the Emperor Tum-bumwa. Tum-bumwa built fortifications on the island to protect his empire, but since no one in their right mind would fight for San Lorenzo, they remained unscathed.
  • After that came the Castle Sugar company.
  • When McCabe and Bokonon came in 1922 and said they were taking the island from the company, the company just walked away.

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