Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 69

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 69

A Big Mosaic

  • The Crosbys and John are the first guests at the hotel.
  • As in, first guests ever.
  • John signs the guest register while Mr. Crosby goes to take a picture of some guy making a mosaic of Mona.
  • Crosby comes back in a huff, calling the guy a, what else, pissant. So John takes a stab at talking with him.
  • The two go back and forth with their chitchat. They get on the subject of Mona. John mentions Frank is a lucky man, and the artist says Frank is, well, something unpleasant.
  • When John says he's here to write, the man mentions he wrote a book once. It was titled San Lorenzo: the Land, the History, the People.
  • The chapter ends on that cliffhanger.

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