Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 93

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 93

How I Almost Lost My Mona

  • John finds talking to Mona much easier now and proclaims his love for her.
  • He calls Frank a fool for letting Mona go, but Mona says Frank loves someone from Ilium—Jack's wife, by John's guess.
  • John wonders if Mona performs boko-maru with anyone else. When Mona says she does, John gets green-eyed with jealousy.
  • Mona says she makes people happy, but John doesn't want her playing footsies with anyone but him.
  • Boom. That sets something off in Mona. She calls John a sin-wat, a person who wants all of another's love. It's a bad thing.
  • John starts telling Mona who she can and can't see. A little advice: not exactly the way to start a steady relationship there, buddy.
  • Mona refuses to marry him because he's a sin-wat.
  • You go girl…we guess…?
  • She leaves because John has no religion and does not respect hers. Thinking fast, John asks if he can become a Bokononist.
  • Problem solved.