Study Guide

Cat's Cradle Chapter 96

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 96

Bell, Book, and Chicken in a Hatbox

  • Dr. Koenigswald is seeing his patient, so Frank and John don't get in right away.
  • They wait in the anteroom. Due to some oddly placed iron rings, John asks if the room had once been a torture chamber.
  • In fact, it had, and there's even an oubliette beneath them.
  • If there's also a secret passage behind the bookcase in the library, consider us sold.
  • In the waiting room with them is San Lorenzo's Christian minister, Dr. Vox Humana.
  • Since both Catholicism and Protestantism are outlawed on San Lorenzo, Dr. Vox Humana has to create his own denomination of Christianity.
  • Hence the reason he has a bell, chicken, Bible, and butcher knife with him.
  • Dr. Koenigswald exits the room. Frank promises not to tire "Papa" out, but the doctor says the old dictator might be grateful if they just killed him.