Study Guide

Prince Pondicherry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl

Prince Pondicherry

Prince Pondicherry, Grandpa Joe tells us, was an Indian prince who once asked Willy Wonka to build an entire palace with only chocolate. While this is fantastic in and of itself, what's really amazing about this Prince is what he wants to do with that palace. He wants to live in it.

Hold your horses, Pondicherry. That does not sound like a sound plan. Mr. Wonka of course tells Pondicherry that living in a chocolate palace is a bad idea, and that Pondicherry should eat it instead. But the Prince stands his ground and refuses. So what happens? The Prince wakes up from a nap one hot day to find himself "swimming around in a huge brown sticky lake of chocolate." Good one, Pondicherry. You should have seen it coming.