Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Rules and Order

By Roald Dahl

Rules and Order

Chapter 12
Willy Wonka

"On this day, and no other, you must come to the factory gates at ten o'clock sharp in the morning. Don't be late! And you are allowed to bring with you either one or two members of your own family to look after you and to ensure that you don't get into mischief. One more thing – be certain to have this ticket with you, otherwise you will not be admitted." (12.20)

Of course, now that we've read the book, we know that most of the parents don't even come close to making sure their kids don't get into "mischief." And Charlie, the one kid who doesn't get into trouble, was never once tempted during the tour.

Chapter 15
Willy Wonka

"But <em>do</em> be careful, my dear children! Don't lose your heads! Don't get overexcited! Keep very calm!" (15.1)

Wise advice from our Mr. Wonka. Of course it's immediately ignored by just about everyone (besides Charlie and Grandpa Joe).

Chapter 17
Willy Wonka

"Oh, no! <em>Please, </em>Augustus, <em>please</em>! I beg of you not to do that. My chocolate must be untouched by human hands!" (17.1)

Now there's an interesting rule. Why must Mr. Wonka's chocolate "be untouched by human hands"? Is it because of germs? Or does Mr. Wonka have some other reason for this rule?

Chapter 18
Mike Teavee

"Hey there! Mike Teavee!" shouted Mr. Wonka. "Please do not lick the boat with your tongue! It'll only make it sticky!" (18.8)

We're beginning to notice that most of Mr. Wonka's rules and requests are pretty much common sense. So why can't the children seem to follow them? Are they <em>trying</em> to get themselves hurt?

Chapter 19
Willy Wonka

"But now, listen to me! I want no messing about when you go in! No touching, no meddling, and no tasting! Is that agreed?"
"Yes, yes!" the children cried. "We won't touch a thing!" (19.3-4)

From our experience so far, we know that this promise the children make is bound to be broken. Lo and behold, it is – this time by Violet Beauregarde.

Chapter 21
Willy Wonka

"I would rather you didn't take it," Mr. Wonka told her gently. "You see, I haven't got it <em>quite right</em> yet. There are still one or two things..." (21.10)

We think Mr. Wonka is being very polite here. Which makes the fact that Violet takes the gum all the ruder. Why can't these kids just listen?

Chapter 24
Willy Wonka

"But don't go in! Whatever you do, don't go into THE NUT ROOM! If you go in, you'll disturb the squirrels!" (24.2)

In this case, Mr. Wonka is more urgent than polite, so we know that whatever happens when one disturbs the squirrels can't be good.

Chapter 25
Willy Wonka

"Just a minute now! Listen to me! I want everybody to be very careful in this room. There is dangerous stuff around in here and you <em>must not</em> tamper with it." (25.59)

We've noticed – and maybe you have, too – that Mr. Wonka seems to be growing more impatient and frustrated each time he has to tell the tour not to touch things in his factory. After everything that's happened so far, we can understand why.

Chapter 26
Willy Wonka

Mr. Wonka handed each of them a pair of dark glasses and said, "Put these on quick! And don't take them off in here whatever you do! This light could blind you!" (26.1)

Yikes. This sounds just plain dangerous. It's interesting that a place so wonderful has so many of its own kinds of hazards.

Chapter 27
Willy Wonka

<em>"No, no! Stop! Hold everything! </em>You there! Mike Teavee! Stand back! You're too close to the camera! There are dangerous rays coming out of that thing!" (27.17)

Does Mike Teavee care about dangerous rays? Of course not. After all, television has made his brain "AS SOFT AS CHEESE" (27.77). Any kid with his wits about him probably wouldn't go near a camera emitting dangerous rays.