Study Guide

The Shopkeeper in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl

The Shopkeeper

Gee, do you think Dahl wants us to know that this guy's fat? Just in case we're sleeping as we read, he makes sure to use the word "fat" seven times in his description of the shopkeeper (Chapter 11). In fact, it seems like a lot of people outside the Bucket family are fat, but we'll get to that in "Tools of Characterization."

What else do we know about this shopkeeper? Not much, except that he is very nice to Charlie, and for that we're grateful. Even though he's excited for his store – "'He found it right here in my own little shop!'" (11.13) – he also protects Charlie from the greedy bystanders. Plus, when he says to Charlie, "I have a feeling you needed a break like this. I'm awfully glad you got it. Good luck to you, sonny" (11.25), we know he's genuinely happy for Charlie. In our book, that makes him a pretty likeable guy.