Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 12

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 12

What It Said on the Golden Ticket

  • Charlie gets home, screaming to his mom that he'd found the Golden Ticket.  For a minute, there is silence because no one can believe it.
  • To prove he isn't joking, he shows the ticket to Grandpa Joe, who suddenly lights up and – wait for it – jumps out of bed and starts dancing around.
  • Mr. Bucket walks in and is told what's going on – why his ninety-six year old father is dancing around the room like a lunatic.
  • Charlie gives him the ticket, and Mr. Bucket reads it aloud to everyone else.
  • Basically, it says that the day the children will visit the factory will be the best day ever: they'll see his inventions and go home with a lifetime supply of goodies.
  • Then, the instructions: come to the factory, ticket in hand, with one or two adults from your family, on February 1.
  • But wait – February first? That's the next day. Grandpa Joe starts to panic a little, but Mrs. Bucket calms him down and asks who will go with Charlie to the factory.
  • Grandpa Joe doesn't hesitate: he wants to go. Although Mrs. Bucket suggests that Mr. Bucket go, in the end, it's decided that Grandpa Joe will be the one to accompany little Charlie. If he's dancing around, he's probably in good enough shape to take a factory tour.
  • Just then, there's a knock at the door and for the next several hours, the house is swarmed with newspapermen and photographers who want to see what lucky child found the last Golden Ticket.