Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 19

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 19

The Inventing Room – Everlasting Gobstoppers and Hair Toffee

  • Willy Wonka stops the boat in front of a door labeled "INVENTING ROOM-PRIVATE-KEEP OUT" (19.2).
  • He tells them all that this is the most important room of the factory, and that not even the Oompa-Loompas are allowed inside. The other chocolate makers – Fickelgruber, Prodnose, and Slugworth – would kill to be in there. So they must be super careful.
  • The room is filled with machines, boiling and bubbling and hissing and sizzling. Even Mr. Wonka is excited about it all, rushing from one machine to the next, thrilled about everything he sees and touches.
  • Finally, he stops at a machine that makes Everlasting Gobstoppers: a candy that you can suck forever and it will never get smaller. Whoa. He's still testing them out on the Oompa-Loompas but he's pretty sure they're flawless.
  • He also tells them about his new Hair Toffee, which is supposed to make you grow hair when you eat it. The only problem is that it works a little too well and one Oompa-Loompa had to have his beard trimmed by a lawn mower.
  • Mike Teavee tries to question Mr. Wonka about why children would need more hair, but Willy pretty much just ignores him. Time to move on to the next invention.