Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 2

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 2

Mr. Willy Wonka's Factory

  • Every night, Charlie goes to hang out with his grandparents in their room. They are all over ninety years old, but when he comes into the room, they light up with joy.
  • One night, Charlie decides to ask about Wonka's Chocolate Factory. That opens a can of worms and Grandpa Joe starts going on and on about the factory and the man behind it.
  • We learn that Willy Wonka is a great inventor of chocolates and chocolate-related things; he lists of a bunch of these, like chocolate ice cream that doesn't melt and caramels that change colors as you suck them and other things that make our mouth water.
  • Charlie's mom and dad come in to listen to this story, and the grandparents urge Grandpa Joe to tell Charlie about Prince Pondicherry. Who's that? We're about to find out.