Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 24

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 24

Veruca in the Nut Room

  • The next stop is The Nut Room; but they can't go in because, if they do, Willy Wonka says, they'll bother the squirrels. Naturally.
  • The Nut Room is filled with squirrels taking the shells off walnuts, something that Oompa-Loompas can't do without breaking them in half (and that just won't do at Wonka's Factory).
  • First, they tap it to make sure it's not empty – if it is, it will sound hollow and they'll toss it into the garbage chute.
  • Guess who wants a squirrel? That's right: Veruca Salt. After Mr. Wonka tells her father that they're not for sale, Veruca takes matters into her own hands and rushes into The Nut Room. This can't end well.
  • Sure enough, as soon as she runs in, the squirrels jump on top of her and, get this, start knocking on her head to see if she's a bad nut! As you might have guessed, she is (she's got a hollow head – get it?) and just like that, they send her down the garbage chute.
  • Veruca's parents are quite upset, especially after they find out that the garbage chute goes straight to the burning furnace, which may or may not be on (Mr. Wonka's never very specific).
  • In fact, they are so frenzied, that they both – her mother and father – run into the Nut Room and one by one, stupid move by stupid move, get knocked by the squirrels into the chute themselves.
  • Charlie is worried for them and Mr. Wonka half-heartedly comforts him (it seems he doesn't care too much about naughty children).
  • And sure enough, we get another song from the Oompa-Loompas, this time about a nasty garbage chute and the girls whose parents spoiled her so much that she ended up among the trash. Once again, it rhymes, and once again, you should read it.