Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 30

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 30

Charlie's Chocolate Factory

  • Still high in the sky in the great glass elevator, Willy Wonka asks Charlie if he loves the factory he just saw. Of course he does! Who wouldn't?
  • Well, it's a good thing he likes it, because it's going to be his. That's right, Willy Wonka plans to give Charlie the factory.
  • Neither Charlie nor Grandpa Joe can believe what they're hearing. But Mr. Wonka explains.
  • When he gets older, he wants someone he trusts to take over the factory – and more particularly, he wants a child to do it. And out of all the children who toured the factory, he liked Charlie best (not to mention, he's the only one who didn't get into mischief).
  • They still can't believe it, but before they know it, Willy Wonka is insisting that they take the elevator to Charlie's house to fetch the rest of his family. And off they go.
  • On the way, Charlie worries about the logistics of it all, but Mr. Wonka assures him that "Nothing is impossible! You watch!" (30.24)
  • Before they know it, they're crashing through yet another room – this time the roof of Charlie's house. The whole family inside is scared out of their minds, but then Charlie and Grandpa Joe quickly explain the situation, and introduce them to Mr. Wonka.
  • Even though they resist, Willy Wonka gets them all into the elevator and off it goes again.
  • Charlie tries to calm them down by telling them how wonderful the factory is and, of course, how they'll never go hungry again.