Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 8

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 8

Two More Golden Tickets Found

  • The day of Charlie's birthday, two more Golden Tickets are found. Mr. Bucket reads from the newspaper the information about the children who found them.
  • First is a certain Violet Beauregarde. She is a fast-talking, gum-chewing girl who rags on her mom and can't stop bragging about her record-breaking gum-chewing (the piece she has now, she's been chewing for over three months).
  • We'll give you one guess if Charlie's family likes this girl. You got it – they don't.
  • The fourth ticket was found by a boy named Mike Teavee, who wears toy pistols all over him and can't stop watching television, except to talk about how much he loves television.
  • Surprise, surprise, Charlie's family is appalled by this boy, too, and they shudder to think that the last ticket will be found by someone just as despicable as the others.