Study Guide

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 9

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 9

Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble

  • After school the next day, Grandpa Joe is the only grandparent awake. Good thing, too, because he has a secret he wants to share with Charlie.
  • From under his pillow, he takes a sixpence piece (a coin) he's been saving. He tells Charlie that he wants him to buy one more chocolate bar with it – maybe this will be their lucky day.
  • Charlie is hesitant, but he does what his grandpa says: he runs to the store to buy the chocolate and returns with it.
  • After some hemming and hawing over who would open it, Grandpa Joe finally does and... nothing, once again.
  • They both realize how silly they've been to think they'd find the ticket and they start cracking up, waking up Grandma Josephine and ending their little adventure.
  • At least they have a sense of humor about it.