Study Guide

Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl

Violet Beauregarde

Miss Violet Beauregarde likes two things in particular: chewing gum and talking. They don't make for a very good combination (as anyone who's ever tried to chew gum in class might understand). She says more than any of the other children, but to be honest, she doesn't say much of substance.

When it comes to being polite, Violet simply… isn't. She doesn't have many manners – she takes her gum out and sticks it behind her ear – even in an edible roomful of candy (15.11). Plus, she certainly doesn't respect her elders: right when we meet her, she's yelling at her mom to keep quiet (the irony there is lost on her).

Roses are Red, Violet is Blue

Like her friend Veruca, Violet won't take no for an answer – at least when it comes to gum. She takes Mr. Wonka's chewing-gum meal after he warns her not to, and even after he warns her to spit it out, she keeps right on chewing. No wonder then, that she becomes a giant blueberry. Well, it is a wonder, but less of one at the chocolate factory. While that doesn't sound fun, she only has herself to blame, so she's not getting much sympathy from us – or from Mr. Wonka, for that matter.