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Homer L. Zuckerman in Charlotte's Web

By E. B. White

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Homer L. Zuckerman

Mr. Zuckerman is Fern's uncle. She figures he's going to take good care of her little Wilbur. But it turns out Mr. Zuckerman is also a man with a plan: he buys Fern's sweet little pig, feeds it lots of yummy food, and then figures he'll eventually turn the pig into bacon. Yikes! Thankfully, just like John Arable, Mr. Zuckerman eventually changes his mind and decides Wilbur can live. Phew!

In fact, Mr. Zuckerman doesn't just decide that the pig should live, he also decides that this is a pig to show to the world. He's the main force behind publicizing Charlotte's wordy webs. It's his idea to get the newspaper reporters and photographers out to the farm. And he has Lurvy paint a crate with "Zuckerman's Famous Pig" so he can show Wilbur off at the fair. Sounds to us like Mr. Zuckerman might be nearly as good at publicizing his amazing pig as our dear Charlotte.

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