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Charlotte's Web Chapter 15

By E. B. White

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Chapter 15

The Crickets

  • Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Everyone knows it, but no one knows it better than the crickets who sing about it over and over again. These creaky crickets let everyone around know that summertime is done for and autumn is on the way.
  • The crickets' message travels fast. Everyone from Fern to Lurvy to Charlotte gets the picture. Even a "little maple tree in the swamp" hears the song (15.5). News of summer ending has definitely gotten around town.
  • Meanwhile, Wilbur is still making the most of his new-found fame. Charlotte's newest slogan of "Radiant" is emblazoned in the web.
  • This means Wilbur now spends his days trying to look as radiant as possible. So he bats his eyelashes and does back flips. We have to admit, that would be one radiant pig.
  • But amid all this radiance, Wilbur worries about his future. What if Mr. Zuckerman still wants to kill him one day? That would totally stink.
  • But Wilbur has one hope left: if he does well at the County Fair, he'll have a decent chance of staying alive.
  • There's just one problem: Charlotte might not be going to the fair with Wilbur. When Wilbur wonders why his best friend in the whole wide world would leave him high and dry, Charlotte explains that she needs to stay home to lay some eggs.
  • Wilbur is so worried about going to the fair without Charlotte that she promises she'll join him if she can make it work. But secretly, Charlotte knows that she'll be laying eggs soon and definitely won't be going to that fair. Big bummer all around.

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