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Charlotte's Web Chapter 18

By E. B. White

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Chapter 18

The Cool of the Evening

  • After such a hot day, everyone is happy when the cooler evening arrives.
  • For Charlotte, this is a good time for her to spin a web. She tells Templeton to bring her back some inspiration, because "I shall be writing tonight for the last time" (18.2).
  • Uh-oh, that sounds pretty ominous to us.
  • Templeton heads out of the pen. His first concern is food, but once he's eaten his fill of scraps he snatches part of a piece of paper to bring back to Charlotte.
  • Templeton's a lucky little rat, because it turns out that he just so happened to grab a good word: humble. Charlotte says this word is perfect because it means both "not proud" and "near the ground" (18.12). Wilbur is both, so the word is two for two.
  • Charlotte weaves "HUMBLE" into the center of the web. Because it's so dark, none of the people can see the word. The Arables and the
  • Zuckermans head home for the night and Wilbur settles in to catch a few Zs.
  • When Wilbur starts to chat with Charlotte, he realizes that she's not on her web. Instead, she's in a corner doing something mysterious.
  • All she tells Wilbur is that she's "making something" and he'll have to wait until the morning to see it (18.31). That means we're stuck in suspense too.
  • Back at the Arable home, Fern and Avery are off to bed. This has been a pretty great day. In fact, Fern says it's the best day ever.

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