Study Guide

Charlotte's Web Chapter 6

By E. B. White

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Chapter 6

Summer Days

  • You know how summer rocks? Well, it rocks on a farm, too, especially now that Fern is off from school and gets to visit Wilbur more. Plus, the birds are singing and flowers are growing.
  • Life is grand!
  • If you're a pig like Wilbur, early summer is particularly awesome because Mr. Zuckerman and the farm workers rake lots of fresh hay into the barn.
  • One day early in the summer, the barn gets a few new inhabitants: seven cute little goslings. Those eggs the goose has been sitting on for a month finally hatch. Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte are super excited for the goose and the gander (who we've only just met).
  • Templeton, on the other hand, is a regular sourpuss. All he wants to know is why the eighth egg didn't hatch.
  • The goose and gander aren't about to let Templeton rain on their parade. So, they let Templeton take the dud egg away to his stash, with the gander warning Templeton that he better stay away from the new goslingsā€¦ or else.
  • Later that day, the goose takes a little walk with her seven goslings and Mr. Zuckerman spies the happy little family. Mr. Zuckerman counts out the geese and seems genuinely happy for the goose when he says: "Now isn't that lovely!" (6.47).

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