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Charlotte's Web Language and Communication

By E. B. White

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Language and Communication

Are you looking for a wily little spider to manage your upcoming social media campaign? Well look no further than Ms. Charlotte A. Cavatica. She's got propaganda in the bag. This spider knows just how influential language can be. Whether the words are printed in a newspaper or a magazine advertisement or a spider's web, they can make a big impact. Plus, it's not every day you see words written inside a spider's web. The fact that most of the humans in Charlotte's Web have no idea how the words got into the web might just make the language even more powerful.

Questions About Language and Communication

  1. Is it good that the writing in Charlotte's web is so persuasive? Are there any downsides to her messages?
  2. How do the messages in the web relate to advertisements? Or how are they like propaganda? Are there other persuasive forms you'd compare the messages to?
  3. How do the words in the spider web affect the humans who read them?

Chew on This

Language is persuasive, and this is good news. Charlotte's web convinces everyone that Wilbur is great and deserves to live.

Be careful with the words you use, because language can be dangerous. If Charlotte picks the wrong words (like "crunchy" or "tasty"), the consequences could be dire.

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