Study Guide

Charlotte's Web Perseverance

By E. B. White

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The saying goes like this: if at first you don't succeed, try try again. In Charlotte's Web we've got a lot of characters who try really hard, even when times are tough. Actually, these characters try hard especially when times are tough. For Wilbur and his friends, hard work pays off. After all, Charlotte works hard on her web and she saves Wilbur's life. Perseverance definitely has its plus sides. But this has us wondering: are there any downsides to working so hard?

Questions About Perseverance

  1. Which human characters really value hard work? Are there certain characters that don't try very hard?
  2. Why does Charlotte work so hard to save Wilbur? Are there any negative effects from all her hard work? What about the positive effects?
  3. What is Templeton's attitude towards hard work?

Chew on This

No matter what, you can build your own success. Wilbur tries hard and eventually he succeeds.

No matter what, failure is part of life. Charlotte has successes, but she doesn't live to see all of them through.

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