Study Guide

Child 44 Chapter 50

By Tom Rob Smith

Chapter 50

Two Hundred Kilometers East-Southeast of Moscow, Same Day

  • Leo and Raisa are running like their lives depend on it—probably because that's true. They have a head start on the guards, so they walk through the river to mask their scents from the dogs.
  • Leo and Raisa approach a village: Leo wants to "sneak in" and steal some food (4.50.16). Raisa, on the other hand, wants to be honest with the villagers—just like they were on the train.
  • So that's exactly what Leo and Raisa do, marching into town square and telling their whole story to the people. The villagers lend them support without a second thought.
  • After Leo finishes speaking, a boy runs up, shouting that he "saw light on the northern hills" (4.50.45). It's the guards.
  • Knowing that they have no time to run, Leo has to think of a plan fast. He does have one idea, but he'll need some help from the kid...