Study Guide

Childhood's End Chapter 13

By Arthur C. Clarke

Chapter 13

  • Sullivan shows Jan the tableau he's built of the sperm whale and squid locked in mortal combat, complete with a million points of articulation and stowaway stomach.
  • Later, he is told that Supervisor Karellen will be honoring them by viewing the tableau personally.
  • And Karellen does just that. While inspecting the tableau, the supervisor mentions how they lack creatures of this size on his planet—and oceans for that matter.
  • He even brings up the story of Jonah, and Sullivan wonders if he's toying with him.
  • Sullivan and Jan meet up to say their goodbyes. Sullivan wonders where this little venture of his will ultimately lead, knowing he'll be dead long before he can find out.
  • As for Jan, he boards the whale and settles in. Not wanting to waste time worrying, he shoots himself up with narcosamine and settles in for a long, space-faring nap.
  • He doesn't feel the StarDrive engine accelerate.