Study Guide

Childhood's End Chapter 24

By Arthur C. Clarke

Chapter 24

  • Rashaverak comes to tell Jan the Overlords are leaving Earth.
  • They offer to take him, too, but Jan says he will stay. Rashaverak says there is something he can do for them, seeing as he'll be in the neighborhood and all.
  • As the Overlords take off, Jan goes into a communication room and reports to the Overlords' ship what he sees in the Earth's final moments.
  • As the children begin to transcend to the Overmind, the earth quakes and begins to break apart.
  • The last thing Jan sees before the new essence of the Overmind devours the planet for sustenance is a blinding light coming up from inside the Earth.
  • Karellen watches as the ship skips past Pluto and toward his own world.
  • The Overlord realizes his race, despite all its knowledge and technological advancements, can never climb to the heights he's led humanity to, though they won't give up.
  • Karellen bids farewell to humanity and turns his back on the dwindling Sun.