Study Guide

Chomp Chapter 2

By Carl Hiaasen

Chapter 2

  • Mickey got hit on the head by a frozen iguana.
  • Then our narrator tells us that a lot of iguanas died during a big freeze that year because they were imported from the tropics and let loose by bad pet owners. We've heard of raining cats and dogs, but raining iguanas? Yikes.
  • Mickey wakes up without a headache (maybe because of his forthcoming paycheck).
  • The guys talk about the new job with reality TV star Derek Badger and his show Expedition Survival!
  • Mickey mentions that he heard Derek was a real "pain in the butt."
  • Raven Stark, Derek's assistant, arrives with a contract and wants to have a look around.
  • Before he lets her in, Mickey insists that she sign a release form so that he cannot get sued if an animal injures her.
  • To seal the deal, she hands Mickey an eight hundred dollar deposit.
  • Raven chooses Alice the huge alligator and asks about any smaller gators Derek could wrestle, which Wahoo becomes nervous about since his dad doesn't want people bothering the animals.
  • Beulah, the fourteen-foot python, looks good to Raven, but she bites.
  • Raven asks about his missing thumb and Wahoo tells her Alice ate it.
  • Apparently Alice bit it off when Wahoo was showing a girl how Alice would eat a chicken out of his hand.
  • Wahoo finds out that Derek Badger is in Paris. That's a weird place for a survivalist to be, right? We wonder what he is doing there, and so does Wahoo.
  • Oddly enough, Raven tells the guys that Expedition Survival! wants to "make it real," meaning the illusion the show creates for its viewers should seem really real. How fake is that?