Study Guide

Chomp Chapter 7

By Carl Hiaasen

Chapter 7

  • There are cameras all around the pond and under water.
  • Noticing Mickey eye-balling Derek's knife, Raven assures him it is a prop, although it looks real.
  • While Derek treads water in the pool, he says that if an alligator attacks he will poke it in the eyes, which makes Mickey pay very close attention to him.
  • Alice swims up to Derek and checks him out, which makes Wahoo get really worried.
  • Mickey reassures him that Alice won't hurt Derek.
  • Mickey is right, and Derek makes it safely to the bank… but then gets angry that Alice didn't attack him.
  • The director is excited about the shot and tells Derek it is perfect and tense.
  • Unsatisfied and looking for danger, Derek wants to do it again; Mickey doesn't.
  • Stepping in to help, Raven says they'll be done with one more take, which Mickey accepts on the condition that Derek loses the knife.
  • Instead of duking it out, Mickey swipes the knife and throws it into the pond.
  • In the water, Alice appears. Dun, dun, dun
  • Excited by the danger, Derek hops into the water. Alice immediately dives down deep, where she can stay for hours.
  • Rather than hang around all day waiting on Alice, the director wants to just use the footage they already have, but Derek says no and makes him keep filming.
  • A little later Alice rises, just as the underwater camera's battery dies. Now they can't see what is going on under there.
  • Nervous, Wahoo tells Derek not to move but Derek blows him off.
  • The narrator pops in again to tell us that alligators are awesome. They have been on earth for 150 million years and have survived many disasters, but they nearly couldn't survive being hunted by humans. Also, alligators keep away from humans unless they become comfortable around them.
  • Wahoo figures that Derek doesn't seem like a threat to good ol' Alice.
  • Somehow, Derek is able to get onto Alice's back like a cowboy. Oh, no.
  • All of Wahoo's warnings are dismissed and the director tells him to be quiet.
  • When Derek decides to lie down on her back and grab onto her, Alice freaks out and begins rolling under water with Derek hanging on. He is half-drowning when she bucks him high into the air.
  • His khaki pants get caught on her teeth and she drags him under water.
  • Grabbing a pole, Wahoo intends to help Derek, but decides not to make Alice angrier.
  • Finally, Mickey comes out, hands his gun to Wahoo, and jumps into the water.
  • Raven commands Wahoo to shoot Alice, which—of course—he doesn't.
  • Grabbing his orange hair, Mickey pulls Derek up.
  • Raven steals the gun from Wahoo and shoots, but there are no bullets. Hubba, wha… ?
  • Dropping Derek on land, Mickey kicks everyone out; he just wants to go inside and call Susan.