Study Guide

Chomp Chapter 8

By Carl Hiaasen

Chapter 8

  • Back inside his trailer, Derek blames the incident on the director and fires him.
  • Derek is pretty shaken up by what happened.
  • The director makes him watch the DVD of the Alice scene.
  • While he sets it up to view, Raven thinks about how upset her boss will be that the episode won't be completed because of how expensive filming is.
  • Then Raven slips into a flashback to when Derek sprained both ankles jumping out of a tree in Madagascar. Another time, he tripped and fell into a yucca plant, which made his face all swollen. Yet another time during a shoot in Australia, he tackled a wallaby and got seriously injured.
  • Now Raven thinks about how expensive all of these foolish situations are and that the only thing preventing Derek from getting fired is how popular his show is.
  • The three watch the short video clip and Derek gets really excited about how Alice almost killed him.
  • In the middle of his raving about how good the scene is, Derek asks to cut out Mickey saving him, which the director can do… so Derek gives him a raise. Figures.
  • Back at the Cray's, Susan tells Mickey they owe a lot on their house and his truck.
  • Just then, Derek and Raven pop over to chat, which Mickey is not thrilled about.
  • Derek tells them how great the footage is and how he wants to hire Mickey to guide them through the Everglades wilderness to make the episode "real."
  • Thinking fast, Wahoo lies to get his dad out of it by saying he already has another job, but Mickey doesn't catch on.
  • And then Derek offers them a boat-load of money to do this job. They really need this money.
  • While Mickey thinks about the offer, Wahoo is confused about how he feels. He wants to take the job because it will pay so well, but he also fears a lot of trouble with Derek in the wild.
  • Wahoo leaves the tension and visits Alice, where he sees a bit of Derek's khaki shorts float to the top of the water with two gator teeth stuck in them.
  • Mickey walks up and won't tell him he took the job, but Wahoo figures it out.