Study Guide

City of Ashes Betrayal

By Cassandra Clare


"How could you not know who your own father is?" (1.1.89)

Maryse is exceptionally unfair to Jace. She betrays him by insinuating that he should have known he was being betrayed by Valentine. Her accusation is hurtful and insulting.

"You must have seen photographs of Michael Wayland and realized he wasn't the man you called your father." (1.1.99)

It's hypocritical of Maryse to blame Jace for this. She was just as tricked as he was.

"You think pretending his own death was the biggest lie Valentine ever told us? You think charm is the same as honesty?" (1.3.69)

Perhaps Maryse, like the Inquisitor, is taking out her own feelings of betrayal by Valentine on Jace, Valentine's son. That may explain things, but it doesn't make it right.

"Trust you? After the way you sneaked through the Portal at Renwick's and smashed it so I couldn't come after you? And the way you tried to kill Clary?" (1.5.63)

We're not sure why Valentine thinks he can just waltz back into Jace's life. "Hi, son, I tried to kill all your friends. Let's make up." Seriously, man?

"I lied to you when you were a child because you were too young to understand. Now you are old enough to be told the truth." (1.5.73)

Valentine was lying to Jace in the last book, which was, like, a week ago in book time, so did that week really make a difference in Jace's ability to "understand" the truth? Sounds to us like Valentine is still a liar liar pants on fire.

"I suppose I should have expected a trick like that," [Jace] said to the Queen, his previous flirtatiousness gone. (2.8.357)

Faeries have betrayal running in their blood… if they have blood. We're not sure about their biology, only their sneaky behavior.

[Clary] ran a little way up the hill and shouted [Simon's] name. […] She called out to him again, but he didn't turn around. (2.8.421)

Simon gets betrayed by Clary a lot in the this book, but seeing how much she enjoys kissing Jace, her own brother, is the straw that breaks the soon-to-be-vampire's back.

"I saw the look on his face before he took off," Jace said. "You didn't. You weren't looking at him. But I was." (2.9.24)

It's telling that Jace, who hates Simon, is paying more attention to Simon than Clary does. She takes Simon for granted so much that she sometimes forgets he exists.

"Valentine needed a new second in command and he wanted Stephen. […] Then Stephen was killed in a Circle raid on a vampire nest. Celine killed herself when she found out. She was eight months pregnant at the time. And Stephen's father died, too, of heartbreak. So that was Imogen's whole family, all gone. (3.17.66)

This background information helps us understand how the Inquisitor was betrayed by Valentine, but honestly, it sounds like her son betrayed her more than Valentine did.

The Inquisitor threw herself forward, as if she could stop him, catch at him, but her hands only went through him as if through water. (3.17.168)

Valentine betrays the Inquisitor one more time at the end. However, her plan wasn't that smart to begin with. If she'd just listened to Jace, none of this would have happened to her.