Study Guide

City of Ashes Epilogue

By Cassandra Clare


  • Clary visits Simon at his house.
  • He's still a vampire, but some sort of new magical vampire who can't be hurt by the sun. None of the other vampires have ever seen anything like it before.
  • He tells Clary that he doesn't want to be her boyfriend anymore because it's not like she loves him that way anyway. "When I'm with you, I want to know I'm with the real you, the real Clary," (Epilogue.49) he says. You know, the Clary who treats him like garbage.
  • Luke picks her up, and she asks Luke if he was even in love with her mother.
  • Short answer: yep.
  • Clary thinks he should have told her the truth, but it's not like he can turn back time or wake her up from her coma.
  • They go to visit Ma in the hospital, but Clary leaves Luke there. She wants to see Jace first.
  • She meets Jace at the Institute and they go get take-out together.
  • At the restaurant, Clary plans on telling Jace that them getting into a hot-and-heavy incestuous relationship is a-okay with her, but Jace tells Clary that he was "stupid" and "cruel" (Epilogue.148) to her, trying to force her into a romantic relationship.
  • "I'll just be your brother from now on," (Epilogue.151) he says, devastating her.
  • She sulks back to the hospital, where a stranger is waiting for her there. Stranger danger.
  • Clary talks to the stranger, who says her name is Madeleine Bellefleur.
  • Madeleine says she knew Clary's mother, and that Clary's mother put herself into the coma. She'll never wake up naturally.
  • But, Madeleine says, "I can show you how to wake your mother up" (Epilogue.168).
  • And that's the last line. Hope you have the next book on hand!