Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 1, Chapter 3

By Cassandra Clare

Part 1, Chapter 3

The Inquisitor

  • Jace lets everyone into the Clave by uttering an oath to the Angel Raziel, and the doors swing wide open.
  • Luke tells him that he doesn't "have to stay the words aloud, Jonathan" (2.3.15).
  • Jace retorts, "Don't call me that. It's not my name." Don't call him Stacy or Jane either.
  • They search for Maryse, who turns out to be in the library with the vampire (and Colonel Mustard with a lead pipe?).
  • Maryse is surprised to see Luke, whom she calls by his full name, Lucian Graymark.
  • Raphael disappears—it was just a projection of himself—and Maryse tells them he came to deny vampire involvement in the werewolf murder.
  • That out of the way, she wants to know why they're all there.
  • Luke says Jace wants a trial "by the Sword," (1.3.65) which they explain to Clary is "the Soul-Sword" (1.3.66) that can tell if a Shadowhunter is lying.
  • Everyone argues about Valentine for a bit, and then Maryse mentions that the Inquisitor, the only person who can use the sword, is already on her way.
  • She says that's why she sent Jace away, so that he wouldn't cross paths with her.
  • He decides to stay anyway, and face his trial.