Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 1, Chapter 5

By Cassandra Clare

Part 1, Chapter 5

Sins of the Fathers

  • Jace is in the prison of the Silent City. It's silent. And dark.
  • All of a sudden, it's no longer silent. A harrowing screech splits the air.
  • Something crashes into the room of cells. Jace sees it's one of the Silent Brothers, Brother Jeremiah, who stumbles into the room, screams, and dies.
  • Jace is terrified at whatever must be killing the Silent Brothers, who he thought were invincible.
  • That whatever slinks into the room, "huge and dark and formless" (1.5.19) and lunges at him. Uh oh.
  • Meanwhile, Clary is smooching Simon when she gets a text message that causes her to grab her coat and get ready to leave.
  • In the Silent City jail, Jace has fainted.
  • When he wakes up, his father, Valentine, is standing on the other side of the bars.
  • Valentine reveals that he is there to steal Maellartach, the Soul-Sword.
  • He tries to tell Jace that he's not an evil bad guy, but Jace doesn't quite believe him. Huh. Wonder why!
  • There's a noise up above, so Valentine flees, telling Jace he can find him when he wants to find him.
  • Above ground, Clary rushes to the Institute to get Alec and Isabelle.
  • It was Isabelle who texted her that Jace was in jail.
  • They decide they need to go visit him to talk some sense into him, get him to stop aggravating the Inquisitor on purpose.
  • While they're talking the Institute gets a message that the Silent City has been attacked.
  • The three decide they have to go rescue Jace, but before they go, Isabelle decides she needs to give Clary some Marks.