Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 1, Chapter 7

By Cassandra Clare

Part 1, Chapter 7

The Mortal Sword

  • Maryse is shocked—shocked—to see her children emerging from the Silent City.
  • Alec tells Maryse that all the Silent Brothers are dead.
  • Some Shadowhunters rush in to see if there are any survivors.
  • Jace tells the Inquisitor, who is there in the graveyard, that Valentine did it, and he took the Mortal Sword.
  • The Inquisitor thinks Jace is lying. Why does anyone trust her to check and see if people are telling the truth?
  • She tries to get more info out of Jace, but he doesn't have anything else to tell her.
  • Jace's wounds aren't healing, so Alec suggests they get Magnus Bane to heal him.
  • Conveniently, he's already there!
  • He tells the Inquisitor that he can heal Jace, but he'll have to take him back to his apartment to do it.
  • Magnus agrees to hold Jace prisoner, as though he's in a cell, and not let him leave.
  • Jace is less than excited about this. All Magnus has to say to him is, "Hey, roommate" (1.7.86).