Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 2, Chapter 10

By Cassandra Clare

Part 2, Chapter 10

A Fine and Private Place

  • Everyone drags Simon's body to a Jewish cemetery in Queens.
  • They dig a hole and bury him. Clary wants to stay near the burial plot to be there when Simon wakes up.
  • While she's waiting, Alec and Magnus arrive, bearing bags of blood from a butcher shop.
  • It gets colder, not just because night is falling, but because Simon is drawing strength from the living to gain power to rise.
  • And rise he does, he bursts out of the ground and springs at Clary, attacking her.
  • Raphael grabs Clary and flings her away, and then he gives Simon the bag of blood.
  • He drinks, but must have lost all his table manners when he died, because he slings blood all over the place.
  • This grosses out Clary so much that she tosses her cookies. Hope you're not reading this over dinner.