Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 2, Chapter 11

By Cassandra Clare

Part 2, Chapter 11

Smoke and Steel

  • Clary goes to visit her mother at the hospital, and she does the whole "talking to a person in a coma" thing, confessing her guilt about Simon.
  • Luke shows up and gives Clary a cup of coffee and tries to tell Clary that what happened to Simon wasn't her fault.
  • He asks if she's heard from Jace, and Clary says she doesn't care how Jace is.
  • Luke gives Clary a pamphlet about coming out as gay, thinking it might help Simon come out as a vampire to his mother.
  • He drives Clary to Simon's house, where Simon is waiting in the shadows outside.
  • Clary thinks Simon looks different. Plus he's not wearing glasses anymore. He doesn't need them.
  • While Clary is trying to convince Luke to tell his mother that he's a vampire, they hear a crash outside.
  • It's Luke's truck, which is on the lawn, and there's a demon under his tires!
  • Luke leaps out and rushes to the side of another shape on the pavement: Maia, the werewolf girl, who is injured.
  • They get Maia inside. Luke says it was a Drevak demon that attacked her, but he doesn't know why.
  • Unfortunately, they're poisonous, and they're going to need help to save her.
  • Luke instructs Clary to call the Institute and get a warlock. What do you want to bet it's Magnus, who seems to be the only warlock in Brooklyn?