Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 2, Chapter 12

By Cassandra Clare

Part 2, Chapter 12

The Hostility of Dreams

  • Clary doesn't want to call Jace, so she gets Simon to do it.
  • He does, and Jace agrees to come over with Magnus (told you so) and Alec.
  • Clary has a complete breakdown about how she wants to "go back to the way things used to be" (2.12.27).
  • Simon is basically like, at least you're not a vampire, sweetie, and he does not RSVP to her pity party.
  • They go check on Maia, who also freaks out when she sniffs Simon. She knows he's a vampire now, and vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies!
  • Maia tries to attack Simon, but Clary pins her sleeve to the couch with a knife.
  • She tells Maia to stop being such a bigot. Simon may be a vampire, but he's still Simon, so Maia should just check her hate at the door.
  • Just in time, Magnus and the gang roll up and Magnus gets to work healing Maia.
  • Jace asks where Luke is. No one knows.
  • Wonderful. They decide to go outside and find him.
  • Clary refuses to stay in the house, so Jace gives her a seraph blade to defend herself.
  • They find Luke down by the river, being fed on by demons.
  • Jace attacks the demons, who counterattack. One goes after Clary and she gets knocked down in about .004 seconds. Good thing she insisted on coming.
  • Simon shows up and knocks the demon off her with his super vampire strength.
  • Jace scares the other demon away, and they drag Luke back into the house so Magnus can heal him too.
  • Everyone is fine! Hooray!
  • But because we can't have a calm, happy moment for once, Jace decides to out Alec and tell everyone that he's dating Magnus.
  • Of course, Alec has been hiding it from Jace because he has a crush on Jace too.
  • Talk about awkward.
  • Thankfully, Luke breaks up this moment by regaining consciousness.
  • Later, Clary and Jace chat about how they don't hate each other, they just wish they hated each other because it would be easier to not want to sex each other up if they did.
  • Clary tries to go to sleep early, but she can't get Jace out of her mind. Oh, brother. Literally.