Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 2, Chapter 13

By Cassandra Clare

Part 2, Chapter 13

A Host of Rebel Angels

  • Jace plays piano, which seems to be really annoying when people are trying to sleep.
  • Raphael shows up, not to tell him to stop the racket, but because it appears that Jace asked him to.
  • The vampire has brought a flying vampire motorcycle for Jace.
  • Jace hops on and flies off, landing on a boat in the river.
  • He snoops around the boat, until he bumps into Clary. What? What is she doing there?
  • She's bloody and gross and she passes out in Jace's arms. He tries to wake her up.
  • When her eyes open, they're not her eyes—they're gleaming white demon eyes, and their bright glare knocks Jace out.
  • He wakes up, and Valentine is there.
  • Valentine says Jace just encountered Agramon, the fear demon, which shows people their greatest fear.
  • Without much prompting, Valentine monologues his entire plan, which proves that he's a bad guy. Only villains a) monologue their entire plans and b) twist the ends of their glossy moustaches.
  • He confirms that he's trying to gain control of the sword to summon a bunch of demons to cleanse the world of impure Downworlders and the Clave.
  • Jace can't believe that Valentine is working with demons. Well, that the demons are working for him, like butlers, the demonic Alfreds to his evil Batman.
  • He plans on using the demons to achieve his goals, then commanding them to destroy themselves, solving all sorts of problems at once.
  • Valentine lets Jace hold the sword so he can see the scores and scores of gross demons just waiting to burst into this realm.
  • He wants Jace to join him, promising he won't hurt any of his friends if he does.
  • Jace looks at his father and says, "Yes, Father. I've made my decision" (2.13.142).
  • But what is it?!