Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 2, Chapter 9

By Cassandra Clare

Part 2, Chapter 9

And Death Shall Have No Dominion

  • Clary returns with everyone to the Institute, which is deserted except for Max.
  • She stays in Jace's bedroom, and he gives her a clean t-shirt to wear.
  • While Jace, Clary's brother, hangs out all shirtless with his bare hipbones poking out all over the place, Clary tries to get in touch with Simon, but can't.
  • Clary is mad that Jace kissed her, even though he didn't have a choice.
  • They argue, and Clary admits that she loves Simon like a brother, and she loves her own brother like a lover.
  • He suggests they get their incest on, but Clary can't bear to imagine what everyone else would think if they found out.
  • Jace promises to never kiss Clary again, and she's heartbroken.
  • She falls asleep, and has a dream of bloody feathers falling from the sky.
  • When she wakes up, Jace is looking into a broken piece of Portal, hoping he can see his father in the reflection. But he never does.
  • They decide to return to Magnus's, but the Institute's doorbell rings.
  • Clary assumes it's Simon and runs to the door.
  • It is Simon. Kind of. Raphael, the vampire, is at the door, holding Simon's dead body.
  • He tells them that Simon came to the vampire lair, wondering if he were becoming one of them, because when Simon was a rat (in the last book) he bit a vampire and ingested some of his blood.
  • The other vampires in the vampire lair killed Simon. Since he has ingested vampire blood, he will reawaken a vampire if they bury him first.
  • Clary agrees to bury him, as long as they do it in a Jewish cemetery.

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